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August 29, 2021  

Summer Movies! It's the end of ice cream season by Kit & Miles wave it off by nominating their sun-soaked faves! Plus listener choices, an excruciating Bacon number game, Censor, The Suicide Squad, Near Dark, and Zodiac. Warning: features mention of Dustin Diamond. 

June 27, 2021  

Fave TV themes! From Doctor Who to Ski Sunday via Cagney & Lacey and Thundercats, Kit & Miles pore over listener suggestions for the greatest TV theme of all time. Yes, features Airwolf. Also! King Rocker, Ben Wheatley's In the Earth, Willy's Wonderland, The Midnight Gospel, and a musical tribute to Police Academy 4: Citizens on Patrol. Because hashtag content.

May 31, 2021  

Food on film! Kit & Miles chew their way through listener comments on the best use of yum in the cinema. Plus! Army of the Dead! Bone Tomahawk! Palm Springs! The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot! And loads more stuff. Plus quiz business, obvs. Get your protein quota right here!

April 25, 2021  

Salut! Best films in the non-English language! Kit & Miles pore over listener picks, whilst offering up their own foreign faves. Also - Falcon & The Winter Soldier, I'm Thinking of Ending Things, Fantastic Beasts, First Man, American Werewolf, and a quiz which pushes Kit's translation skills to the max! Merci.

March 29, 2021  

Vampires! Get blood-sucking with all things Dracula and that. Kit & Miles discuss listener picks including Blade, Hammer, Buffy, and all manner of garlic-averse neck-munchers. Plus Zac Snyder's Justice League, Spike Lee's Da 5 Bloods, and a quiz that gets peculiarly political. Download its undead heart right here!

February 21, 2021  

Bands on film! Bands on film! Featuring Bowie, Chili Peppers, erm, Spice Girls, plus listener choices galore! Also, indie darling Bait, horror nonsense Leprechaun, Greenland, Mandy, and Salem's Lot reviewed! Plus a Scorsese music quiz and Kit & Miles discuss their love of Napalm Death. Obviously.

January 24, 2021  

It's our 50th show! Miles & Kit welcome you lucky people to our new regularly scheduled nerdcast, the last Monday of every month. We celebrate 50 episodes in the game with a feedback spesh on TV and film series we've abandoned over the years. From The Walking Dead to The Sopranos, Breaking Bad to Doctor Who, listeners lament leaving their loved ones in broadcast dirt. Also! WandaVision, Cobra Kai, Terminator, Mid 90's, and some dumb quiz action. Plus some returning voices and, erm, Stefan Dennis. He and this show will make you feel good. Maybe.

November 16, 2020  

Kit and Miles aren't dead. They're just lazy. Here, on the 49th episode, they talk about lots of stuff beginning with B - Bill & Ted, Bly Manor, Borat Subsequent Movefilm, The Babysitter, Brad Pitt etc. Also things that don't start with B Like, erm, Monos. And Tau. Whatever.

July 10, 2020  

Furloughed and filthy, Kit & Miles return to chat about such instant classics as, erm, Movie 43, Riddick, The Predator, My Spy, Cheech & Chong, Tehran Taboo, American Pie, Howl's Moving Castle, and Adult Life Skills. Also, not one but TWO quizzes! Not three though. That would be insane.

May 20, 2020  

More lockdown larks and furlough fun!* Join Kit & Miles as they chat Hugo Weaving, the Safdie Brothers, The Lighthouse, Red Dwarf, Studio Ghibli, plus loads more. Also, a quiz like what you lot are all doing.

*definitions of fun vary

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